Hello Guys and Gals.

It’s been long since our last blog post and we have a lot of new stuff for you guys. With a massive revamp of our site during this pass few months.

We implemented a Membership with two tier system, Free and Sponsor (paid). Free user can read our project available on the site on a limited chapter only while Sponsor can read all even those whose not even available on Tapastic. Don’t worry guys chapters will be available to Free user in due time.

Second is our “Special Chapter”. Special Chapter are chapter which focus on a certain character which will not be covered by the main story. All content of this special chapter are canon to the main storyline. This is available to Sponsor Member only.

Lastly second arc of the story is coming. The first arc “Attack of the Unknown” will conclude at chapter 8 which will explain most of the mystery so far. And starting chapter 9 new arc will start; new demons, new characters and much more nightmare as the night pass. Details of the next arc and the conclusion of the current arc will be cover by are next blog post.

Again thanks guys