Hello guys this may kind of late but chapter 9 is coming this April 15, 2017. Yeah… it’s kind of late considering that chapter 8 ended last year but it’s finally here, the chapter is titled “Panic”. Chapter 9 will only be available for now to all of premium member. Don’t worry to our free and casual reader first arc is now fully available to anyone.

Below is the list of new content soon to be available.

  • New Website – is our new domain
  • Mobile Apps – Android and iOS apps to read and have a mobile notification of new updates.
  • First Arc is now available to everyone – Attack of the Unknown compose of chapter 1 to chapter 8.
  • Chapter 9 – New update every 5th, 15th and 25th of each month starting April 2017.
  • Special Chapter 1 – Premium content which tell the story of how the “Girl” in the glass escape.
  • Special Novel – Novelize version of the story which take a much deeper in personally of characters, new perspective of the story and much more.

Thanks for your continue support.

W.V. Pelyn T. Palarao – Author