Good day everyone, welcome and thank you for the support. You might be wondering of when we update the new content, well we do update base on Philippine Time which is where we are based of. With this we are around 12 to 14 hours ahead from US Time. New update contain a page and it is twice a week so 2 new content per week.

New update is schedule to be available every Sunday and Wednesday +8 GMT.

When we start this new website we already post chapter 1 to chapter 6 and half of chapter 7 to get ahead from Tapastic. And currently base on this writing time were around of page 14 for chapter 7 and is schedule to end at page 19 set on September 4, 2016.

  • Aug 21 – Page 15
  • Aug 24 – Page 16
  • Aug 28 – Page 17
  • Sept 01 – Page 18
  • Sept 04 – Page 19

Chapter 8 is schedule to start right after the end of chapter 7. The chapter which titled “Dr. Osborne” and the part 8 of The Attack of the Unknown arc. First update of chapter 8 is schedule on Sept 7.